Buying stroller here vs in Germany? VAT and customs question

My experience exactly. I buy non-grocery items almost exclusively second-hand.


Happy to share our almost 100% second-hand refurnishing last time we moved to a new bigger home, few years ago:

We found everything on Tutti and Ricardo FOR FREE: cupboards, wardrobes, table, chairs, desks, night tables, beds etc. Something like 20 pieces of furniture (excluding chairs) from Ikea to vintage (and quality) stuff. From almost new to good condition.

A lot of time invested, though: looking for the stuff, being very reactive, organizing the pick-up, dismantling the furniture, cleaning, sometimes repainting or repairing, reassembling.

Costs: fuel, a paint pot and some delicatessen as gift for the nicest pieces of furniture. Since we started we could not believe the quality of some stuff that is given away for litteraly zero franc. Some pieces would have been thrown away otherwise!
The offer is so big that everything was set within a month.

What did not suit us was given back on Tutti or donated on the street with a “gratis” panel


Good job! I spent around 800 francs furnishing and equipping our home. But I was a bit particular about the style I was going for, which included some antiques, ethnic stuff, etc. Also I don’t have time to do much repair work an had to collect everything in one day. But from what I’ve seen, you could beautifully furnish a home at no cost if you have a bit more patience.

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Yes, it was, sorry… I should’ve been “much less than in germany”.

I agree, but what makes this so hard is

  1. being about to move
  1. having a job with crazy hours where sometimes I work from 7 - 18, sometimes from 16 - 2 am and everything in between with 10 - 12 hour shifts exlusively.

This makes picking up the stuff and running around looking at various strollers so much harder. But I’m not the only person in that situation… It just makes buying new in a store simpler.

Which one did you buy? One thing that bugs me too is that so many for example Joolz strollers online are not correctly labeled (also I simply don’t trust people to tell the truth when they want to get rid of things). There’s so many Joolz Day 1, 2, quadro, 3,… on Tutti which are all similarly priced.

Welcome to parenthood and the changes of relationships with your loved one. Sorry for the off-topic comment.

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Idk how people can get emotional of about the color of a fucking stroller… It’s so irrelevant to me, that I can’t even find words to describe that. Maybe I’ll be better off without a woman on my side - I don’t want to waste my precious mental peak-time with such irrelevancies… But I am drifting off lol sorry :confused:

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