Buying new smartphone

Yes, I know, not so “mustachian”. But from time to time it has to be done. As a Yallo customer, some time ago I was informed about Quite often they have so called Crazy Deals, with really good prices. I already bought one phone using them (especially that I got additional voucher of 100 CHF as a Yallo user). Quality of service was very good (nice website, quick delivery). So, for sure I can recommend at least subscribing to their newsletter about Crazy Deals.

Today I got another message with personal link to 50 CHF voucher valid until end of December, but I don’t want to post it here (I’m not sure if I’m not braking forum rules even mentioning this here, if yes, please let me know, I’ll remove it). If interested, please contact me directly. If you use it, I would get 50 CHF too.

I had a quick look on to compare a couple of offers. Without exception there’s always someplace cheaper. The 50 CHF discount could tip the scale in favor of 123mobile, but always double check if a deal is indeed a good deal.

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Sure! I always do like that. Sometimes not only on, but also on or

As regards, what can make sense (but of course has to be double-checked) are Crazy Deals. You can check past ones here: Sometimes they are competitive, especially if one has some additional vouchers (e.g. from Yallo). For comparison, one should take into account also the date of the deal and compare the prices around that time on using their cool price chart feature.

One additional, important remark about price history. I’ve observed during last Black Friday/Cyber Monday that the real prices were not very well reflected in My impression is that if someone tried to find the best offers only there missed a lot, compared to just checking directly on several websites. One example (but I saw more): Digitec offered Nikon D750 Body for 799 CHF. There were 100 pieces, available for about 9 hours (00:00 to 09:00), but if you check on, the lowest recorded price ever is 949 CHF (and I also checked this while the offer was valid in Digitec - it did not show up in at all). Not sure why - maybe they do it on purpose to kind of encourage you to buy faster if there is another offer close enough to the lowest one or it was because of the huge load that days, so they were not able to update prices fast enough?

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I don’t know in full how works - but prices are at least partly update by online shops actively “pushing” (sending) prices to toppreise. Which Digitec probably didn’t do.

I can only speculate why they didn’t: Firstly, Digitec doesn’t need to create further brand awareness, as they’re well-known already - and their print ads have been ubiquitous at train stations. And then Digitec don’t seem to be trying to position themselves as the cheapest vendor.

They rather seem to be modeling their shop a bit as a community platform. Keeping these - often limited-quantity - offers to their own website, newsletters and social media subscribers (rather than having them quickly snapped up by price-watchers from toppreise) should go a long way towards creating loyalty and attracting repeat customers.

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Yes, I understand that Digitec may have this strategy, which is quite good in my opinion. I just thought that kind of mines the shops for current prices, a little bit like for example Google is indexing the pages. If it’s the case, they were too slow, at least during this busy weekend.