Buying an apartment in Italy - close to border

Hi all
Does anyone know of any banks (swiss of otherwise) offering mortgages for properties in Italy, close to the Swiss border?. Its for a friend who rents in Italy, and commutes to Lugano.
She is having no luck with the Italian banks she has spoke to.
I couldn’t find anything on the forum for this.
Thanks for your help

I think you won’t find anything in Switzerland. Not even UBS or CS are doing it due to the higher risk.

But I could imagine that a local bank in Ticino would do it.

A coworker recently bought a 500k+ EUR villa in Lombardy by getting a Lombard loan from UBS, that basically means you pledge some assets of yours for cash at a 0.7% interest rate. But I assume there are no securities available?

I’m surprised that Italian banks are not interested in giving a mortgage tho.

How can it be cheaper than IB ?

¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ no idea how he negotiated that. Probably by pledging more than needed? I mean banks get money pretty cheaply nowadays no?

of course! If you buy in Lombardy, you need a …lombard loan.

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