Buying a new bed

Our bed is now 10 years old and we’re thinking about replacing it. 10 years ago I spent CHF 800 on the mattress at Jysk and around CHF 500 for the wooden bed. So nothing fancy.

Now with way more income and the fact that we’ll spend probably around 1/3 of our entire life in a bed: what’s a good budget for a 180x200/180x210 bed?

Is something like this good enough or would you spend way more, for example a Carpe Diem bed from Sweden for 8k?

Already? Maybe you should think about something that is expected to stay for 30-40 years?

Well it wasn’t that expensive and I bought it when I was 21 years old. We want to upgrade from 160x200 to 180x200/210 and from normal bed to boxspring.

So yeah, this one should last longer.

My guess is that a high quality bed made by some local Swiss artisans/small company shouldn’t cost more than 3-4k. I have some little experience.

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I’ve bought mine in 2018 for around CHF 6’000.- in order for it to last 20/30 years :slight_smile: (160x200cm) aka “Queen Size”. What is worth to spent time and money is the mastress! You should be able to find something between 4’000 - 10’000 CHF.

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That’s high quality.
I will expect to spend less than 2000chf for a queen bed mattresses included.

Habitat got a shop in Zurich.


Ikea mattresses are still fantastic, and probably best value for money overall.
Just pick the 1st or 2nd most expensive one (of the type you prefer). :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah now I see you want the boxspring sort.
In that case may be better somwhere else indeed.

We bought our bed at Schlafwohl and I can recommend them. Good choice of products, good service.

You can either test beds and mattresses in store or take them home for a few nights. Which for me was a precious option, since you can’t buy a bed applying only theory. :slight_smile:


We got ours from Pfister, Modell “Odin”. Cost around 2.5k, using the configurator and some discount. So far very content. I would wait for some kind of deal if it’s not urgent, these type of stores usually have 20% weeks etc.

Some notes
180cm vs 160cm is a large upgrade with 2 people and in my opinion improves sleep a lot. Buying a boxspring bed is usually cheaper if you are starting out from zero because it comes as a package versus getting a separate bed frame, slate frame and mattress. Most beds you can get without the backbord, it is almost always one big part and cost (quite a bit) extra. A topper lasts about 5 to 6 years, instead the mattress box lasts for 15 years (avg. regular mattress is 10 years). With a boxspring bed you always use a topper.


I found Jysk pretty good for a mid-tier mattress. Much comfier than the Ikea ones I tried and pretty similar to the ridiculously priced ones I tried at Pfister.

Went in and had the mattress salesman look at my form / sleep style / body structure on the mattresses. He gave me very good guidance on lumbar positioning and comfort. Took about 30mins and ended up getting a 160cm x 200cm mattress for about CHF850. I then combined that with a cheap Ikea bed frame and the mid tier slats (maybe another CHF250).

Been very happy with the purchase and have been sleeping very well. Not sure what more I’d get from buying some CHF5k mattress.


I have been in this boat a couple of years ago, our IKEA bed bought when we were single and student with few money was getting small (140x200 for 2) and the mattress close to end of life (we gave up the frame and base, it was still in conditions good enough for more years of use for a low budget person (wen to a student).

As I’m quite tall I was looking for at least 160x210, but after some testing and thinking, it turn out the price difference for 180x220 was almost marginal as long as you want 210 that is often consider custom size. So we end up with 180x220.

In these size (160x210 to 180x220) you have less options, one of the best in reasonable price is Hasena Swiss made beds. They are sold by Migros but with some limited options and price is only good when there is the 20% discount on beds (twice per year). In our case we discover Bettenland ( that sell the complete Hasena catalog with all options and they have always 20% discount as far as I could check (still today). We paid less than 5000frs in total including one of the most comfortable mattress and a lot was for special options like bed head in special fabric or shape as well as bed feet, with more basic options we would end up below 4000frs but we didn’t went for box spring, we don’t like it, so price might be different for these.
However I would suggest you to study the Hasena catalog yourself and just go to the store to see yourself what it looks like before choosing, but most seller we talked to where useless so get ready to come and just insist on what you want on the catalog and double check the prices with their website and check if Migros Miscasa has there options as well.

First it was strange to sleep in this bed, as it was much different from everything we had before, but we get used to it and now each time we sleep somewhere else and come back home we feel how good it is and how much we missed it.

Good luck hunting for your perfect bed.

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