Buy stock listed in FR or DE?

If there’s a stock listed in both Paris and Frankfurt, is there one preferable to the other (e.g. in terms of withholding taxes on dividends, or other factors)?

For the same stock and broker, taxation will be the same.

Exchange should not make any difference except the exchange related fees.

The taxation is depending on

  • domicile of stock
  • domicile of person
  • domicile of underlying securities (in case of etf)

Other costs (commissions, other random fees, etc) depend on Broker

I don’t know for sure if stamp duties are linked to Broker or Exchange.

I guess in terms of fees, trading volumes or hours, there won’t be much difference.

For taxes, for local stock I remember withholding tax in FR was 30% and in DE 26%. 15% can be reclaimed via DA-1, the rest via paperwork.
The paperwork can be cumbersome in both countries.
Disclaimer: I haven’t done this myself, just read up on it a few years ago.

Yes, I was thinking in terms of paperwork and fees and general hassle.