Buy apartment and rent rooms

Currently I have no family and as very frugal guy I am living in shared apartment.
Would it be a good investment buying a 3 bedroom flat, I would live in one of them and renting the other two?
So same life style I have now, but owning the flat.

After some years:

  • if I move abroad,
  • or if I want to have my own family,
    I could rent the 3 bedrooms or the whole flat, or even sell the flat.

Any ideas about this?
Is someone in the forum already doing this?

If you have the means to buy and maintain a 3 BRs flat in a city where there’s enough flatsharing demand, why not.

Might want to check first if allowed by the association bylaws as well as tax implications.

You’re considering investing in a 3-bedroom flat and renting out the other two rooms. That sounds like a smart move to me!

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