Bucket list BEFORE retiring

Obviously it depends on the property. Roof, heating system, kitchen, bathroom(s) are all going to be expensive to replace (especially if you want to source all materials and work locally) and if you buy something before retiring then it’d make sense to fix the things which will be needing fixing I the near/medium term, such that you can deduct the costs from your income. To give you an example, I have a rather old, small house with a oil-based system, which I really would like to replace with a heat pump, the only offer I got so far reads 40k…

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Wait, retiring in Switzerland with 5-600k, “daughters” (>=2 by definition), and solid ethical principles that prevent you from taking advantages of lower prices for goods abroad?

This is not a plan, this is a gamble on federal government implementing UBI in Switzerland (only for Swiss, maybe special bonus for those who don’t go dental in eastern Europe).

Good luck bro.

Ah, sorry, the original post… yeah, I’d triple check if the gaming PC is up to date before retiring.


I agree. Honestly he will need millions to make this work for decades…

Maybe good time to revisit the assumptions for swr, costs and inflation over time, etc.


I thought I didn’t use the word FIRE; but I see that I’m using it in the main post. Sorry for the confusion.
I will not be Financially Indipendent. I will most probably be the stay-at-home parent that contributes with 20-24k per year to what my girlfriend is making (80% will probably be around 70k). 500k is in taxable account, not counting retirement accounts.

so is “retire early” but is in reality stay-home parent. This is specified in the posts after.

The opening question is generic though and can apply to multiple situation not just mine. So forget about my situation :smiley: unless you are willing to read on all the posts instead of skipping them and commenting without the whole picture :smiley:


Let’s get on with your bucket list!

  1. Propose to your girlfriend

I am by no mean an expert in the field but I thought nuclear was orders of magnitude better than fossil-fuel based energy sources in terms of CO-2 emissions. Is it really the case that “nobody agrees”? It’s also safer than hydropower (in terms of deaths caused by it) and does not need large swats of land or ocean covered with windmills and solar panels.

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I would love for nuclear to be better, because I studied nuclear fission, but I simply cannot find all the numbers I would like to see. There are a lot of things that are not transparent. Until then, I keep my reservation. And CO2 is not the only problem - Switzerland would simply shift oil dependency to uranium dependency, from US, Russia and France for the refinement. So it is truly better? To shift dependency of energy from middle east to be 100% in the hand of the EU? All refined uranium for us flow through France. Will not help the treaty discussions.

But this is an epic OT.

Put in those terms, I would clearly say yes.

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