Brokerage account for registered shares

With equity worth about 100k-150k and to be eligible for swiss company AGM invitations , what is the cheapest option?

  • Post Finance: 90 CHF per year and can be used as trading credit (I don’t care)
  • Swissquote: 150 CHF per year
  • credit suisse: no idea
  • ubs: no idea
  • IBRK: 300 CHF per AGM
  • others?


  • DKB from Germany?

20 sec Google research. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! search sometimes works better than google search.
so indeed postfinance

We (on this Forum) are all waiting for someone to try them and report back. :wink: That’s kind of meant jokingly, but to be honest it would be nice to hear real life experience as they seem a good deal, but just “new” and difficult to judge how serious, safe etc.
Custody fee 0.1% p.a. (approx like Swissquote)
Trading around 0.1%, which is cheap for a Swiss broker.

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ok cool always good to know one more option. Yet for 100-150k equity, 0.1% is 100-150, more expensive than post finance.


I keep my Calida shares in a German brokerage account and they registered my shares for free. So is the account keeping. No account minimum, no annual fees - and I still get my yearly pyjama.

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not bad. May I know the brokerage name?

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Nice! Did you buy them on a Swiss exchange via DKB?

cool. I did a little bit research. It seems that they need monthly 700 euro in to be qualified for a free account. And then brokage account and the custody fees are both free. Is that the case for you?

Bought on Swiss Exchange, yes.

I‘m still grandfathered in for the free current account (without 700€ incoming a month), but seems to be 4.50€ without that now, yes.

I used the transfer the 700€ anyway, to benefit from free FX on card payments. They get invested into an ETF savings plan.

Just got replied from IBKR. It is possible to register swiss shares and go to AGM if needed. The cost is 300CHF

Initial Description: Be invited to AGM

Response from IBCS at 09-May-2023

IBKR does not offer the Investor Relations Service for invitations to the Annual General Meeting or issuance of the admission cards.

Please know that we can only issue a Safekeeping Holding Confirmation with which you can contact the Investor Relations Department of the relevant company for registration for the Annual General Meeting.

In order to draft the safekeeping document, we need the following information:

  • date of the shareholder’s meeting
  • record date of shareholding for being entitled to attend the meeting
  • does the company need your entry in the share register or is a Safekeeping Holding Confirmation sufficient?

In case you wish to register your German shares please confirm following beneficial owner details and that the details can be disclosed:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Address

At this time, only German and Swiss shares registration is available.The fees to register Swiss shares are CHF 300 (for register and de-register) are passed to clients.
Once the stocks are registered, they will be blocked on the account and unavailable for trading until the AGM is over.

Please note: Any requests are done on a best efforts basis.

Please be advised that safekeeping holding documents can only be issued after the record date for shareholding.

Please know that such requests are generally handled within 5 business days. We will contact you again should we have additional questions or once this request has been completed.

Kind regards,
Philip M
IBKR Client Services

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What are the benefits of having IBKR register your Swiss shares?

So that you can attend the annual general meeting and get natural dividends, e.g. lindt & sprüngli gives out a box of chocolate every year to registered shareholders.

exactly. And/or meeting old friends in AGM once a year.

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I am using Flowbank for more than a year now, mostly because I can’t use IBKR

so far so good for infrequent trading

also one annoying thing that they do not provide good tax report (or I didn’t find it) and in general the reporting they have is quite limited

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Seems BCGE offer a low cost online trading platform with only 0.1% Custody fees with a yearly 40CHF minimum.

Do I miss something? Any BCGE client to check this?

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Sure. Trading Fees :rofl:

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Yes but if you transfer your securities from IB it could be a cheap way to diversify brokerage accounts!

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