Broker for my child

Hey all

Recently became a father :slight_smile: He is currently 3 Weeks old…

I want to start saving/investing right from the beginning… personally i am using IB as a broker and selma (roboadvisor). Could i use IB as well for my son? Or would you recommend something else?

also - what to invest? Currently i am only buying VT as an ETF and no separate stocks…

Thanks in advance for any input/advice :slight_smile:

There was a blog post recently from MP regarding this topic → How do we invest in the stock market for our children (which account, which ETF, etc.)? - Mustachian Post

I’d just make sure that the account runs in your or your wife’s name to prevent any restrictions regarding withdrawal etc.

Personally my personal investment account is with IB and for my daughter at Degiro. But that was before they removed the inactivity fee at IB. For my daughter I’m buying VWRL with no fees and for myself VT on IB.

It might be worth opening a new account at IB for my daughter but I’m not sure if this is possible?

Hi ddosh and congrats!

I like to keep it simple so for my child I simply have a dedicated ETF (VUSA.AS) which I buy under my name on DEGIRO. I find it personally too much burden to have a separate account.

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Thanks all! I actually still have an open account on DEGIRO but never investet there, as i opened the IB account at the same time… so i can use the account on DEGIRO for the child… just need to clarify which ETF i should choose :slight_smile:

Do you invest in this ETF?


So far my Degiro account is up and running, just need to decide in which ETF to invest for the long term…

VWRL maybe? (20 characters)

Exactly that’s the ETF I invest in for my child. My motivation for picking that specific ETF covering only USA with the S&P500 is because of the very low TER (0.07%) on 18+ years investments makes quite a difference and it is on the list of free ETFs you can get at DEGIRO (

Alternatively VWRL which covers the whole world is a great choice but you might already have it for yourself and its TER is 0.22% (still cheap but compared to VUSA it’s 3x more).

Note that VWRL (distributing) is not on the list of free ETFs at DEGIRO but the accumulating version is. That one has for ticker VWCE. Finally because these ETFs are in USD you still have to pay the conversion fee from CHF to USD, currency exchange is unfortunately not for free :stuck_out_tongue:

VWRL would be an option as well, but i am currently investing in VT for myself, that should be almost the same? So VUSA could be a good option…

As you say almost the same but with the following at least two differences: 1) VT has a lower TER and 2) VT also includes small cap. Basically VT tracks the FTSE Global All Cap index whereas VWRL tracks the FTSE All World index.

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