Bonds vs bond funds for rebalancing stocks

Especially during market bears, equity loses value and it is a good time to purchase more of it.
It seems that the price of bond funds recovers more slowly from falls due to interest rate increases (source).
Therefore, if I need to rebalance by selling part of my bond fund but the price has not recovered yet, I realize a loss.

On the other hand, bonds are expensive when stocks are cheap, so I shouldn’t really worry. Except correlation increases with high inflation + interest rates (or low inflation + interest rates)!

So, between individual bonds and bond funds, which would you hold in your portfolio?

individual bonds if you want to buy and hold to maturity.

bond funds for liquidity and easy buying and selling for re-balancing and temporary parking of cash.

So you always hold individual bonds for every purpose, also selling for rebalancing?

Can you share your reasons against bond funds?

sorry. there was a typo in my 2nd sentence.

it was supposed to say “bond funds for liquidity and easy buying and selling”