Boeing stock: -20% ytd

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Anyone here is invested in Boeing? Is it a good idea (yet)?

I wonder if the stock will go to the ground like some of their planes do.

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Not invested, not going to.

I’m sure the company will stay around even just for their defence and space branches as the US needs them for that (at the very least for defense). Heck, even for their commercial aircraft branch as the US probably doesn’t want to be dependent on Airbus … but Boeing’s risk culture seems rotten throughout the entire company.

That would have to change for me to even consider them. They’ll probably get there again some day, but it’ll likely take years and a change of management at the top plus a few layers down.

Check out this CNN news article from a couple of days ago. Excerpts:

Even with Boeing being in a completely different industry the rotten culture reminds me of Credit Suisse: stank from the very top across many branches and management just took risk to enrich themselves as long as they could …

Even from a fundamentals perspective they don’t really look attractively valued:

If they return to 15x their projected earnings in 2026 - and analyst forecasts have been a hot mix of hit and miss, which isn’t surprising given Boeing keeps coming up with new unpleasant surprises - you’ll still make a loss. Courtesy of the Fastgraphs tool:

Even if they return to their “normal” PE of ~21 (historically averaged PE over the past 20 years) in 2026, your annualized return would be about 7% - that’s not nothing, but I find this a small potential return for the risk you’re taking with this company.

YMMV, of course.


Well it has been managed by Jack-Welch-adoring beancounters for quite some time. Didn’t the CEO just announce they don’t plan to develop a new jet for at least a decade? Moving their headquarters to DC may indicate where they really see their future - hint: potentially with generously funded DoD contracts where small mistakes are easily forgiven.

Looks like their CEO just announced to step down. At the end of the year …
Surely, things will be fixed by then.

Stock’s up almost 3% pre-market. :tada:


Deal will be replaced by Pope, who was appointed operating chief in January at age 51 shortly before the Alaska Airlines accident put the company back into crisis mode. A three-decade Boeing veteran, Pope beat out other top executives for the role.

And guess what, Pope is yet another accountant.

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