Board games and FIRE?

Is there a link between people into FIRE and those who like board games? Maybe both have some kind of geeky appeal to those with a competive/analytical leaning?

I was wondering if there were enough to create a board game evening… (I’m based near Basel)

You can start with @MrRIP

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Love board games (but not FIRE yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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Outside of this forum, in my limited IRL dataset, I’ve found FIRE peops to be quite eccentric and more a loner personality than into board games. But ja, limited dataset :blush:
From this (not quite up to date any more) poll, there are 11 people in BS and BL. That is probably a bit of a low number to get 4-5 serious contenders from…

the results

Best to ask around at a meetup as those are the people who actually have time IRL, I think.

And when you say board games, could you give a few examples? I suppose the most FIRE’y game would be Monopoly, right? :wink:

Well there are many games. I have games like Ticket to Ride, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, etc.

I would recommend to join a few discord servers (e.g. of or Kaboom Shop in the Zurich area).
From there you can probably find a few people in your area, or at least some indication of other online communities leading to IRL sessions. Challenge in Switzerland may be to find enough people interested in socializing this way outside major cities.

From experience, it’s a cheaper hobby than most, if you don’t fall into Kickstarter hype :wink:
But realistically, a board game may cost as much as tickets to cinema for a playgroup and ROI is greater (+ resale value).

Not compatible with ‘minimalism’ philosophy, obviously :slight_smile:

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definitely hard core gamer here… like MrRip… but in the ZH area… I definitely love in particular those games with optimizations and money in them… :stuck_out_tongue: For instance: Funkenschlag, Brass, Barrage, etc… But also love big time Dune Imperium and others from Mr Dennen… :wink: