Blockchain ETFs

Hi Guys,

Since we’re all Mustachians… I did a bit of research on the ETFs side targeting Blockchain technologies.
I just found a couple of them and thought of sharing with you to exchange some points of views.

The first one is BLCN Expense Ratio 0.7%
Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF
catchy name… right?
When you look at the holdings seems to be quite “conservative” for the name but it’s a mix of: financial, semiconductors, connectivity, internet businesses in fact… not a single company directly doing blockchain or crypto stuff…

The second is BLOK Expense Ratio 0.7%
Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF… (mm… Whaaat?)

This is quite interesting to me, besides the companies I just mentioned in BLCN ETF, this one has an important position (4.11%) into HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd which is 100% directly involved in Blockchain.

I’m thinking on getting a small position in both of them into my portfolio
Are you looking into these topics too?
Any other ETFs related?

Read up on tulips before you invest.

Oh yep… I know that crash…

look at the holdings from these ETFs…
It’s just the catchy name, and that could give them a pump…

I would not personally touch either of these with a barge pole, but you might find this article interesting.

I would sooner add to a generic technology etf like vgt.

you can try the bitcoin future on teh chicago mercantile… I think it will expire this week… it’s definitely going to be a short position in case… :wink:

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