Birth in Triemli Spital

Hello guys,

this is a bit off topic but our health baby was born in Triemli Spital Zürich and died due to a scull fracture two days after. The fracture happened due to the C-Section they recommended and now they tell us that we knew the risk of a surgery. Would you know what we can do? We want also to take a lawyer etc… we also spoke with Uni Spital and they told us that Triemli obviously did. mistakes but we need to prove it…

I cannot help with your request. My condolences, I think that it is one of the hardest things in this life to go through.


Jesus Christ, what a horror. Did you take a lawyer and sue these sons of bitc*es? My condolences, that’s a true tragedy, not the bullshit most of the people are complaining about here.


Well that is actually the issue we took a lawyer and already but the Spital just says that it has been an accident and we did sign the document that every surgery has risks. Our lawyer said we are right but it can take many years to proof their wrong doing…not sure what else you can do…no sorry or anything also from Triemli just well you signed the document that you are aware of the risks…

My most honest condolences! Death of a child is the worst thing that can happen to a human being, now and ever before and after.

Talking about practical aspects - do you have a legal insurance? Maybe someone living in Zürich can suggest a hotline for legal questions.

On the other hand I was just reading in details conditions of Fortuna legal insurance and to my surprise it says that you don’t have to be a customer to use their legal consultation hotline. You might give it a try.

That was painful just to read. I’m very sorry you have to experience this.

It’s very infuriating that they are not admitting any mistakes. Yes, skull fractures are a risk of a c-section but from what I’ve read it mostly happens because of mistakes on the hospitals part.
It’s good that you are talking to a lawyer. Maybe try to find other lawyers with experience in medical malpractice to get a second opinion, if the current one doesn’t have it?

Just an idea:
Maybe it would make sense to talk to a psychologist who specialises in people who have such experiences? Even if you don’t feel you need it now, maybe they have some idea how suing the hospital affects most people? E.g. it could prolong the horrible situation but might also give a sense of closure, when it becomes determined who is responsible.

Wish you all the strength and support for dealing with this loss.


As tragic the situation seems, sueing the hospital will not bring the baby back. I‘d focus on getting closure and move on with life as good as possible.


This. I know a woman who lost her healthy man due to negligance of the hospital. Used a lot of money for a lawyer and spent several years on the case. All she got in the end was a “We’re sorry”. She still isn’t able to move on.

Ask for a detailed report and check with a doctor you trust. But don’t spend years on fighting them.

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My condolences. I hope you and your wife find the strength to overcome this tragedy. As good as the suggestion to “move on” is, I would try to seek legal help and let them battle with the hospital, maybe? To isolate yourself from the conflict, but not let it go without a fight.

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Thanks guys. Really good support and ideas…

Tragic case, can’t even begin to imagine the feelings. My sincere condolences & strength to you.

This is a bit of a summary for such cases, and with a Swiss connection.

My take is, the lawyer should be experienced with such cases.
And If even possible at this point in time, I recommend you should be very clear in your aim of the whole (potentially long, potentially draining, potentially expensive) process.
And the aim must be somehow confirmed achievable with the process chosen, else it can lead to years of “effort” and then disappointment even if things go “your way”.

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My condolences. I would get in touch with the Swiss Patient Organisation Schweizerische Stiftung :: SPO Patientenorganisation, they can provide medical second opinions and legal advise. Alternatively, you could also get in touch with other specialist doctors in such areas to get a second opinion. I’ve done 5-10 minutes of research on PubMed on this topic and it seems that such complications may happen in about 1% of cases during a C-Section. It’s not necessarily a wrong doing of the doctors or medical staff involved, but of course, it could be. But I guess only qualified physicians could really provide guidance and a second opinion, and that’s probably also the same what the court is going to do.

I order to make them liable you would have to prove that they were in violation of regular medical procedures or acted in negligence, and that may not have been the case, maybe it was really just very bad luck. I know that in such a situation one may seek justice and want a culprit or something, but it may be the case there isn’t one to blame, and in such a case a legal battle may be pointless and cause even more damage mentally and financially.

But most of us can’t really judge the situation from the distance that’s why I would seek advice from such an organisation or other doctors, maybe a lawyer specialised in such cases, and based on their estimation decide on whether a legal battle is worth it or not. Maybe they really say yes it seems there was really some wrong doing and that you have chances of winning a legal battle, or they’ll be able to explain you, and maybe convince you that it was really just a bad accident, and in such a case it may really be better to move on as others suggested.


I’m really sorry about your loss, I wish you and your partner a speedy recovery.

We went through a situation in childbirth. What helped us get closure was getting a 2nd opinion from another doctor who is entitled to see the medical notes. This way you get a feel whether the issue is documented clearly, if there was possible negligence, or a genuine mistake and rotten luck. Our issue was nowhere near the same scale as yours but feel free to PM me in case I can help


Likewise I am sorry for your early loss! I wish time and maybe another baby will bring peace to you and the family.

Not an expert and not close to the specific situation, what I can say is that in Switzerland from what I heard, doctors get less often deemed negligeble or culpable as in anglophone countries like US and UK where suing doctors is more common.

The other thing as someone else mentioned, even though there was negligence, it may simply be too difficult to prove and you would endure a very long road with uncertain result.

Having said that I would:

  • talk to a lawyer specialised in medical negligence
  • get the existing papers analyzed by a doctor

If both concur it may be a long and uncertain battle, then I would move on. If not, I will give it a go.

I wish you a strong mental recovery and it we can do anything, do not hesitate to ask!


My condolences! Coming from a biology angle, I know newborn skulls are extremely flexible in order to pass trough the birth canal (during natural birth). I cannot immagine what kind of trauma was necessary to break your baby’s skull during a c-section. Make sure you get the autopsy report or have an independent party verify it. I hope a post-mortem was done.

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Sending my best thoughts toward you and your partner. Condolences.

I know of a family who have lost their mother due to what seems to be chirugical malpractice, they’ve spent years fighting the hospital and are only now getting some recognition for what has happened. I would follow @trotro’s advice and seek outside support, from friends and family, of course, but also a professional ear to help you find what can bring you closure.

Hope you are finding support in your hardship.

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Unreal, really sorry to hear this. I wish you and your family the strength to eventually move on. I have no advice to give, sorry. I can’t even think about this without tearing up a bit, so I cannot imagine what you are going through.

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