Binance / Switzerland

Hi guys, i was wondering how do you transfer your CHF to Binance without using any credit cards? (as SEPA has been deactivated) What about the opposite process? Stablecoins to CHF? Thanks a lot four your help :slight_smile:

I am writing an update to my crypto “strategy”, here some thoughts from there.

After few iterations I concentrated all crypto holdings at FTX. I closed the Kucoin account and I abandoned the Binance account because I don’t feel secure anymore with them. I formulated a minimum requirement for a trustworthy crypto exchange, namely that I should be able to perform fiat deposits and withdrawals without third party services. I mostly use EUR as a transaction currency.

I had intensively used a Kraken account, but now it is on hold. Kraken has EUR trading pairs for almost all coins and even CHF pairs for BTC and ETH, stacking is great, but I am not satisfied with leveraging possibilities. I also have an account at Coinbase, which I think is the most secure crypto exchange. I might use it if my portfolio grows to a significant level. Note that I don’t trust myself enough to do self custody.

You can send CHF to Kraken and FTX. FTX has no CHF trading pairs, you have to go via “convert” function, which is somewhat expensive. And also send EUR SEPA to Coinbase and


Thanks a lot Dr.PI, I ll have a look at Kraken right now :slight_smile: