Best world/acwi etf

Hello everybody

I have to open a dépôt in an expensive swiss bank and therefore im looking to only keep a one line portfolio to reduce fees with an msci world or ACWI etf

What is the best one in my case or which one would you rank ? In terms of accumulation/distribution, domicile, fees, réplication strategy etc… and where would be the best exchange to buy it ?
This will be a one line portfolio which i will never touch, perhaps top up 3-4 times a year, and only liquidate if i feel doomsday is coming or whatever life changing event pops up…

On top of my head i think ishares (ie) and vanguard (us) are the best options but i have limited internet access at the moment and cant do much research. A US domiciled fund might not be able at my bank. I dont have much experience with swiss banks

Accumulating or distributing:

  • preferably accumulating fund/shares

Domicile of fund:

  • preferably U.S. (though likely won‘t be accumulating then, and probably unavailable at most banks, but AFAIK should be through Swissquote)
  • otherwise Irish (if fund is fully replicating)


  • don‘t overthink


  • depends on what‘s on offer and what the fees are at your bank
  • in the end, it likely depends on the costs of currency conversion, if necessary (which you haven’t stated)
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Why does it need to be with your bank? Is something preventing you from opening an account with Interactive Brokers?

VT is probably the best ETF if you want to get exposure to the market.

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Probably because he works for that expensive Swiss bank. Some banks in Switzerland do not allow you as an employee to have accounts with other institutions.


V3AA or VWRL from Vanguard

Vanguard FTSE All World would be my choice.

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Invesco MSCI World has the best performance for MSCI World ETFs…

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I like it too because it’s a bit cheaper than VWRL and uses synthetic replication, so it is also more efficient in terms of US withholding tax. With VWRL you lose 15%, with Invesco not. But for that you’re exposed to a counter-party risk for about 10% of the net asset value.

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The 10% is the UCITS rule. In practice the counterparty risk is maximum up to 1% as the swap is resettled daily. And don’t forget most physical replicated ETFs do sec lending up to 100% which means up to 100% counterparty risk…