Best trading times on different stock exchanges

I suggest that we share our experiences here on when is the best time of the day to buy/sell on different stock exchanges. For me most interesting would be the ARCA (New York), LSE (London) and EBS (Swiss).

the simple answer to this question is “during trading hours”. the only benefit is a minimal spread.
so for NYSE (+6) this is 15:00-22:00 or such

anyone else plz correct me if wrong!

I don’t know the hours, but for ETFs it’s better to trade when the underlying market is opened.

Assuming efficient markets (which can only happen during trading hours), there cannot really be a “best time” for trading. Opening and closing times are a bit special as you can see potentially large corrections in ways that are relatively predictable (at least the time of the correcting but not necessarily its magnitude or direction). Regardless, this is just another form of market timing and you should already understand why that’s unlikely to work.

I think a truly passive investor shouldn’t really care about the time at which he is trading as long as it’s within trading hours as intra-day changes are irrelevant on the long term.

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On my end I mostly trade in the US.

I usually do it at 1600, expecting the marketplace to have calmed down after the opening.

I usually buy stock every Wednesday, also in the idea to do it during a “calm” moment (not the beginning of the week nor the end).

More than the hours I would be more interested in an analysis of the calendar timing.
For people buying quarterly, do they do it around reporting season or as far as possible.
Would be interesting to run that analysis.