Best shops for buying a suit

Hi Mustachians,
I was wondering whether you have any ‘mustachian’ option for buying a suit. I am looking for a good quailty for a reasonable price.

Online or locally? I guess you’ll have to shop abroad for mustachian deals.

A leading Polish brand, Vistula, has an online store and regular sales (2 suits for the price of 1 or sales up to 70%). My size as ordered is always a great fit.

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I was recently looking into renting one in ZH but even these start from 250chf

If you are ever around Stuttgart you might want to check out this place - it might not be worth going there otherwise though from CH

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If you want to travel a bit, you can go south to Foxtown in Ticino. Beware there are loads of tourists there. That’s the paradise of outlet-store-shoppers. If you are that kind of person , that is…

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I can recommend this one: They have a 100% wool suit for 279.- Very reasonable price.

Check Green Apple Tailors, BKK. He is coming to CH every ~6 months taking measures and orders, it’s about ~500 CHF for tailored suits. You can send him an email to add you to his mailing list and get informed about his next visit to CH (usually Zurich and Basel)

Hi Octopus,

can you share a bit more about your requirements? Do you need just one suit or are you a habitual suit-wearer, e. g. for business reasons? Any idea about the budget for suit or overall outfit?

If you fit well into the form of major mid-level brands (Boss, Strellson, Tommy Hilfiger), then just crossing the Swiss border to any larger city in France or Germany might do the trick. Outlet centers such as in Metzingen, near Milan (Fidenza Village) or Dublin Kildare Village are good if you are sure what ar looking for and go there anyway for vacation or business travel. But they are no panacea: Your ideal brand may not be available or not your size or not really at bargain prices.

I have no experience with tailor-made suits like @PoopSmellsLikeMe mentions. I guess this makes only sense if you want to have a high-end suit for a mid-range price. And you need to invest some time when buying the first suit. After that, you can order based on your existing measures.

The middle ground, especially if you have what might be called a “difficult geometry”, may be to use a modular system like from Suitopia, Hockerty, Zalando or Walbusch (I have no affiliation with them, nor have I used them so far).

In any case, fit is critical - no bargain is worth buying a shitty suit. It should also be really comfortable even after a day of wearing (I see my suit as functional clothing just like my hiking gear).

I do have a good recommendation for shoes and ties, but let’s not get too excited about fashion or my saving rate will suffer this month :wink:



Thanks Johnny for the tips

I am a habitual suit wearer and looking for kind of a shop where I can buy / renew my suits whenever I need without thinking too much.

Outlet areas outside of CH are good options but honestly I prefer not to drive 400-600 km for buying a suit if I need one.

Online options are my preferable ones. Another good shop I was looking is Charles Thywitt (London based), their Shirts are quite good quality and they ship to CH. I also like this Polish shop called Vistula, might try it out.

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Depends on what kind of level of quality you are looking for. For starter suit for me nothing beats SuitSupply. Also found one guy blog online which sporadically writes about men clothing options in Zurich and I rather agree with his opinion -

Go to Peek and Cloppenburg. They have tons of suits with varying color and price. Quality is for most of the suits perfect also for every day use. Imho not worth buying a tailormade suit.