Best provider for .ch domain and related email/website services

I would like to register a new .ch domain and parallels open one/two email address with ich domain.

Which provider do you suggest?
Any order of magnitude of price in the middle long time (first year is always cheap, but then…)?
All direct.or indirect experiences are very welcome.

On the long time, I would like to open on the same domain a website. Obviously I will not start from scratch because too complex, so I am thinking to use any of those website automathic creators to simplify the job.

Any suggestion?

The best would be to use the some provider of the domain, to simplify the overall process…

Thanks in advance

I bought domains with The price of the domain is influenced by the vendor, but more so by how “popular” it is. My particular domain was 15/year

I got my hosting from Hostpoint “Smart” for 17.90/month. It allowed me to host a webpage, which I dont use anymore. So I’d be interested with a cheaper email-only option, that allows me to keep my domain. Looking forward to some more replies here^^

A particular feature I am interested in is being able to create email-derivatives en masse, for usage with logins and tracking the sale of my personal data. Hostpoint technically allows it, but it is a tedious thing for each individual email adress.

[edit] I just looked up protonmail, known for being strong in privacy. they offer the “unlimited” package for 10/month (8/month for 2 year contract). Anyone having experience here?^^

I’m using Infomaniak. If you use Swisstransfer, that’s them. Big enough (for Switzerland) that I feel safe, hosted in Switzerland.

.ch domain name for CHF 9.89 (without VAT), with 1 static page and 1 email address (aliases can be created): Domain name - check the availability of a domain and reserve it at the best price!

Web hosting for CHF 8.73/month (without VAT) for 250 GB and 2 email addresses with 15 Go of storing space (aliases can be created).
CHF 13.13/month (without VAT) for 500 GB (total).
an additional CHF 7.33/month (without VAT) for up to 5 email addresses (total) and 3 To storage space.

The web hosting comes with their kDrive suite, which is their variation of Google Workspace, including cloud storage.

They’re not the most user friendly experience and the onboarding process was kind of a hassle (I wanted to transfer a website and in-use email address without losses) but it all worked out well enough and you don’t have to deal with their user interface much (or at all if you don’t fiddle with your website) once you’re all set.


You could go with for their excellent service, do domains+hosting in the same place, and be done with it.

I have domain names with infomaniak as well, but decided to host in Germany and the main reason was the only 1 or 2 email adresses which is not enough for me (multiple domain names on the same hosting).

1 Like (in Germany) is quite cheap and has been reliable for me for a few years now (Webhosting for ~2.5€/month, ch-domain for ~1€/month). They have special offers every few weeks/months, so worth looking around or waiting a bit if not urgent.

I have been handling all my hosting needs, including e-mail and a 3000 page website, with German provider, with no complaints. Their smallest package includes 3 domains, .ch TLD is one of the choices.

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I am using

for my football club and I am quite happy with them.

a domain is included in their plan.

Already posted this on other posts, I use - Webhosting, Domains, Server inkl. Support. Their servers are not the fastest but I pay 25.- a year for hosting and domain. Their offering is based off of Hetzner servers. I also received fast and competent support when I had issues.

I finally went with infomaniak. Price was super reasonable for a séries of domaine (ch+con+ foreign coverage around ch). On top, i got 2 email addresses for free and a basic website for free too.

The tool itaelf Is super user firendly and the processo ti establish all what mentioned above die hot take me more than 20 minutes. Amazing.

Thanks for the suggestion Wolverine. Thanks ti all to give me anyway your feedbacks in such short teen. As always, very much appreciated.