Best performing funds during last 12 months


I’m looking for a good service or webpage that lists the top performing funds over the last 12 months. I want to start to venture into momentum investing för funds.
I use Swissquote and primarily want to look at funds with a domicile in europe/Switzerland.

Do you have any good recommendations?


The NZZ has lists of top performing funds in a supplement once a year.

Thanks, I found this as well.
Top Performers by Fund Category | Swiss Fund Data

There is no evidence that funds that performed well in the past, will perform better than the average fund in the future.


…unless they’re well-diversified and have a longer track record. Maybe.

12 Months is not a track record. The best performing fund could be the one that had the highest share of Tesla a year ago. Is Tesla going to quintuple year after year going forward. No, they are not.

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And if you go further back you have the survivor bias problem, and will obviously find an average fund return better than that of the market.

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