Best Mietkautionskonto?

To the non-house-owners:
I wonder what rental depot accounts you have. I had one with ZKB that lasted for ~4 years. Initially i put CHF 1100 there, and now that I relocated i recieved back CHF 1082. pretty bad for a 4-year return on cash. where do you have your accounts?

Acrevis. I started with 4500 CHF and now, with all the interest accrued, they became 4515 CHF… at least a >0% return so far

We are currently waiting for the landlord to give back the deposit. We also had it at the ZKB, but the landlord decided that it had to be there. So I assume there is no possibility to find cheaper/better solutions. We paid 3300 CHF.

We got the deposit back in the meantime. We had some minor repairs to pay with it and the bank subtracted another 20 CHF as fees.

Can you actually change this account while staying with your landlord or does it only work if you move?

By law, the landlord decides where he parks it, you don’t really have a say. Some mortgage contracts, e.g. ZKB’s default contract, have a clause prescribing that the landlord choose the mortgage bank for it

All such accounts pay sh*t anyway so no big loss here

My landlord company does not take any deposit. Am I in the minority?

tiny experience: ZKB charges 0CHF 0.55 for the yearly statement and CHF 25 for closing the account. 0% interest

Yeah, they’re the baddies, but they own, like, half the canton

Some banks don’t charge anything for deposit accounts, but it’s up to your landlord whether he’d accept it. He can insist on a particular bank

Yes. But deposit free rents seems like a hot new trend - Probably you’re overpaying in rent though. I’ve rented from wincasa once, they really know how to jack up the rents