Best interest rate on cash or bond?


Now that interest rates are rising, what is the best way to keep “cash”?

I saw Zak offering 0.3% up to 25kchf.
Neon: 0% ?
Yuh: 0.5% up to 100kchf.

Is there any “good plan” for pure cash?

That said, what are the alternatives to invest for the short term with low risk and probably low reward, but I’m still looking for getting more than 0%.

Is it time to invest in bond fund, or the raising interest rate will still continue to lower the value of such assets?

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone for your insights

How short is short term? 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? For shorter shorter terms, savings accounts is probably the way to go. For longer ones, there may be other options.

Bond funds are subject to interest rate risk so should be avoided if you are definitely needing all the capital on these funds back. There’s no way to time for sure the next interest rises/falls and each rise would reset the required holding horizon to a bit less than 1x the average duration of the fund.

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The challenge is that I’m keeping cash as I plan to buy a house… but I haven’t yet found a good opportunity… and I have no clue if this is in 3 or 6 months or in 2 years.

So, in the meantime, some cash stay in the bank… as investing in stock is too risky for such a short term.

Unsure, if there are better ideas…

Cembra is offering Kassenobligationen @ 2%

How good and safe that is, I am not able to say, just stumbled over the ad.
However money is locked for a while, not sure to which extend you can throw them at your eventual future mortgage as a collateral :

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thanks @Patirou. Interesting, the prospectus says:

→ Swiss debtor (Cembra Money Bank AG) rated A- by S&P

Unsure how to judge about “A-”… for the risk…

Medium-term notes/Kassenobligationen up to CHF 100K are insured by esisuisse: Questions and Answers (FAQ) | esisuisse

The shorter term ones are 2 years, though, so the money would be unavailable for that time. If the money needs to be accessible at all time and not loose nominal value, the only option I’d consider are bank accounts. Yuh seems to be currently offering the best interest rates for their savings accounts.

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Thanks @Wolverine, interesting!