Best exchange for easy purchase of BTC

I want to help my girlfriend buy BTC/ETH before the final run of this cycle.
I want to keep it simple for her, so I want to buy BTC/ETH through some easier exchange. Example: Swissquote. (instead of the hassle of going through Binance/Kraken etc)
The exchanges changes all the time and I wonder if Swissquote is still the best/easiest platform to have here in Switzerland? or is there any other good alternatives?

On another matter. The first Crypto indexfund was approved by FINMA in September. It’s called “Crypto Market Index Fund”.
Has anyone invested in this yet? Can a “Non-professional” investor invest in that now? or is only for professional investors?

You can buy directly BTC with SQ without using an ETF or ETP. I don’t see the point of using a fund.
SQ is easy, but maybe not the cheapest. At least it feels more secure than some obscure exchanges.

Another swiss option will be SwissBorg which has the same fees as SQ but you can purchase your BTC/ETH with your CHF as they will convert automatically your CHF in BTC/ETH without taking you a majoration like SQ.

Fees are higher than other exchange though : 1% if you are a standard customer and 0.75% if you take their Community Premium upgrade.

Ok, I did not know that. Then that sounds like the best option. Thanks.

I did not understand if Swissborg or SQ takes the highest fees?

Swissborg is a little cheaper because you can buy coins directly in CHF. With SQ, you need to convert them in USD and then you can buy.
Personally, I find SQ more trustworthy because it’s a bank with a Fimna license and it’s quoted on the stock market, so more oversight/audit.

Yeah, isn’t it the case that you have to:

  1. transfer money to your SQ account.
  2. Convert to USD or EUR.
  3. Buy BTC directly on SQ.

With SQ: you can purchase directly with your CHF if you didn’t convert it in USD before the transaction. At the end of the day, they will convert it automatically.

With SwissBorg: you can purchase directly with your CHF and their engine will convert your CHF in USDC (for exemple) in Kraken and then purchase your BTC on Binance for example. Or they will convert your CHF in USDT then in ETH then in BTC in order for you to have the best price. This only for 1% without hidden fees.

I test the two of them and I was more confortable with Swissborg than with Swissquote. I think it a matters of taste here. I liked the Swissborg App and the accessibility.

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The easiest way to buy BTC in Switzerland is Relai. Not the cheapest but the easiest.
Install app. Transfer CHF. Done.
I can send you a referral code if you DM me

Do you have a crystal ball predicting the future? What makes you so sure that now will be the final run? Maybe the bear market starts tomorrow, maybe the bull market continues for 5 years.

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Take a deep breath and read again.
With before the final run of this cycle, I simply mean before we reach the final run.
I didn’t claim to know the exact date or time, but If history is any indication we are getting close to it.

That doesn’t change anything. Maybe we are already in the final run and it ends next week, maxbe the final run comes in a month, nobody knows.

Past performance is no indication for future performance. History is absolutely no indication.

When investing, it helps to have some sort of game plan. What we have right now is historical indicators and current numbers and statistics. We can try to do an educated guess which can prepare us somehow.
That does not mean you should stick blindly with a dollar value or a date. You should be able to adjust as you go along.
But to claim that we have not seen a reoccuring pattern in the previous cycles and that it could play out in the same way now, would just be lying to yourself.

For short-term investing that might be true.

Again historical indicators are not useful for future predictions, especially in an asset class as young and volatile as the cryptos.

Emphasizing on could. What makes you so sure that the current run won’t be over next week or in 10 years? Nothing, it’s all just guesses and predictions. If we would be able to predict future returns based on historical data, we’d all be rich already.
How many times did we have predictions about the stock market crashing by thousands of professionals, only to continue the bull run for another few years. Reading charts and predicting the future is the same as going to a fortuneteller and let him read you lifelines in your hand. If it would work everyone would be doing it.

“For short-term investing that might be true”
No, it’s always good to have a game plan. A strategy.

“Again historical indicators are not useful for future predictions, especially in an asset class as young and volatile as the cryptos.”
Sure they are. You just can’t follow them like a religion. You have to be ready to adapt and adjust.

"Emphasizing on could . What makes you so sure that the current run won’t be over next week or in 10 years? Nothing, it’s all just guesses and predictions. "
Yes, it could. It could, means that I’m not dead certain on it, but it could play out that way. It feels like your building a strawman just to have an easier time on disagreeing. It won’t work.

Revolut is probably the easiest and multi use

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And how are historical indicators useful for future predictions? There’s no fundamental reason why history should repeat itself.

In the other thread you even wrote the first BTC cycle was 220 days, the second cycle 750 days, the third cycle 1050 days, so clearly history doesn’t repeat itself, the cycle length is not even close to be the same. So again what tells you the cycle is not over tomorrow?

It’s easy, the bull market stops a few weeks after the FOMO crowd starts showing in financial forums to ask how to buy crypto and what is the best alt coin of the day.


The whole crypto market could in theory go down in flames tomorrow, yes. Again, I never said that I’m dead set on certain time and date. The increase in days per cycles are indicating that the cycles are lengthening.
This whole discussion started because you were getting triggered because I said that we are getting closer to the final part of this Bull run cycle.
This thread is not supposed to be clobbered with off topic irrelevant discussions. I just asked for the best exchange for buying BTC here in Switzerland, since I’m still new here and I got some good answers. Have a good evening now.

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