Best ETF World ACC for IB


I’m looking for the best ETF World with automatic reinvest so Accumulating for my Interactive Brokers account ?

VT seems to be not accumulating.

Thanks for your advices.

IB has auto reinvesting, right?

Yup (me answering yes with 20 characters…)

Hum… Dont know.
No différences between ACC and DIST ETF World on Interactive Brokers ?

There other more important factors in choosing your investment vehicle than its accumulating/distributing character.

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So VT + Dividend Election on reinvest ? Right ?

Not necessarily. You can reinvest dividends together with a new portion of money.

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You can reinvest dividends together with a new portion of money.

I chose this after recently switching vom VWCE to VT and receiving my first dividend :money_mouth_face: because I irrationally prefer to have nice round numbers of ETF shares.

Automatic re-investment is a pain due to the additional entries it produces on your tax return. I prefer to let dividends accumulate along with additional deposits and then invest them together in one go.

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IWDA on IBKR (IE ETF) is probably close to what you’re looking for.

Since you mention VT, I’m guessing that you talk about all world ETFs.
I like SSAC for this matter.

Domicile in Ireland, not the best for taxes. Any ETF World ACC in US ?

Absolutely. I’m looking for the best one in US from Switzerland.

TER seems not bad at 0.20%

There are no accumulating US ETFs, due to US regulations. If you are satisfied with VT, just keep investing in it.


OK but I dont know VT… So since there is no accumulating ETF what would be the best option to act like an accumulating ETF ?
VT + dividend election on reinvest ? Or an other one ?
Thanks !

Unless you have a significant amount of dividends, I’d just let it stay in cash and invest it with the other money you use for regular investment.

Why do you want an accumulating ETF in the first place?

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To avoid taxes on dividends here in Switzerland.

You won’t avoid taxes

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Topic discussed multiple times on this forum - use the search for more details.

Accumulating funds are being taxed the same as distributing ones - considering their “virtual” dividend.
Check ICTax on an example.


I went with VHVE (Vanguard FTSE Developed World) in USD at London Stock Exchange. With 0.12% TER it’s one of the cheapest Europe-based World ETF’s… For the muddy situation around US inheritance tax (don’t want my wife having to deal with IRS), I avoid US-based ETF’s altogether.