Best Business Bank Account for SARL/GmbH

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to open a SaRL/GmbH and I’d like to know what you think is the best Swiss commercial bank account ?

I would need a multi-currency account (CHF, EUR, USD) and an easy-to-use mobile banking application.

Too bad Neon or Zak don’t offer business accounts…

Do you have any recommendations?

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I want to know the same. By default, i will probably just choose post finance

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I’ve heard that UBS and Migros have solid solutions for businesses. I’d start by looking there before considering other solutions.

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Thanks for your answers. I’ve heard that the Migros bank app is terrible… maybe I should go with UBS

But I am also wondering if once my SARL is created, I can use a business account like N26 or Revolut Business as my main SARL bank account ? Is this possible in Switzerland ?

Revolut Business is supported in Switzerland [1] and the whole opening process takes about 24 hours.

It has lots of features that Swiss banks cannot compete with (exchange rates, merchant account, multi-currency), but I think the main drawback is that you won’t have a CH iban and a real contact person. Everything goes through chat/phone support.

I personally wouldn’t care about the 100k protection (because Revolut doesn’t have a license here), since you can just create a bank account at a swiss bank and transfer the money there or put it into a MM fund.


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I would suggest to look into yapeal

Thanks for your reply! Yes Revolut Business seems like a great option !
I don’t care for the 100k protection since I plan to only keep a a few cash in the account and invest the vast majority of the left over.

Ohhh I didn’t know there was a Yapeal Business bank account. Do you know if it’s good ?

Klarpay AG is a deposit-taking financial institution authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) under the Swiss Federal Banking Act, Article 1b

They offer multi-currency, virtual ibans, etc. I have never used them and was told, that they are not that cheap. I mean, if they don’t advertise their prices there must be a reason…

Also heard/red recently something regarding Relio: Homepage

But did not dive in, yet. Find here an article: Geschäftskonten für Web3-Unternehmen | MoneyToday

In the alternative there is also Wise Business

I don’t know if they offer a personal IBAN, though

Yes I use it for business purposes, however mainly for the credit cards. The topup on FX is 0.1%. Wise is integrated for payments abroad. The ebanking is rather basic but works fine. And you can customize your IBAN.

ohhh interesting but I don’t trust the website that much

Thanks, I’ve seen some ads on Google about Relio but that fact that they are that new in the market is not making me confident, plus they don’t have multicurrency accounts available yet

yes it could be a great option but my concern is actually to know if they have a personal IBAN. I can’t seem to find the answer online

A bit off topic, but: Revolut hat in Zürich losgelegt: Grosse Pläne – Inside Paradeplatz

I personally use Migros Bank for everything CHF, and Wise Business for the other currencies. Works pretty well (and yes Migros Bank is outdated, but working well and reliable for what I need it for).

PS: an article is in my backlog with more details/comparison infos. Good to know about Revolut Business and co, I will take them into account there.