Beginner 1st 10k portfolio degiro

And here i am, a newbie. I’ve opened a degiro account and planning to follow MP article with my first 10k:
8k VWRL global ETF
2k Swiss ETF “UBS ETF (CH) SMIM (CHF) A-dis”

Some concerns?

One of my goals is to minimise taxes and fees.

In the meanwhile I’ll continue reading and try to understand things.

I need to understand if it makes sense to open a second one for my wife. And in such case could I use it to differentiate investments? Does I make any sense?

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Why SMIM and not SPI?


already maxed out your 3a?

No idea. Really I don’t know the difference

Yes I have maxed the 3a

check out the first page :wink:

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I was following this approach: “because I don’t want big companies like Nestlé which are already in my global ETF”
But I guess SPI Extra would do the same except that with iShares Core SPI (CHSPI) TER is only 0.10%
I don’t know exactly what does it mean but I get that lower is better

Not sure if there is an ETF that covers SPI Extra. If you really dont want additional Large Caps in your second ETF you wont get around a SMIM.
Sry for the many corrections ^^ I had it differently in mind

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Guess SPI could be good
I’m reading this
Thanks :slight_smile:

@Neville may I reverse the question back to you, why SPI and not SMIM?

I am also currently evaluating if I should invest into SPI or SMIM for my “home bias” and came to the conclusion that SMIM would be better because I want to avoid the big Swiss large caps as I have them anyway in my VT ETF.

But maybe I am missing another import parameter or fact?

Of course SMIM is less diversified with only 30 stocks in comparison with SPI so you lose in terms of diversification… I am no expert but judging on the graphs the performance of SMIM over 5 years is slighly better as SPI. I know past performance does not mean anything but it’s another difference I spotted :wink:

Maybe @_MP has an opinion here too because he has his home bias into SMIM.

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Regarding SPI / SMIM / SPI Extra etc:

It is one thing to wish to add some home bias to your portfolio.

It is another thing to also wish to alter the market cap ratios of the companies. There are some good companies in SMI also. They are already in your global ETF, that’s true, but adding home bias and excluding them, not sure I understand the rationale?

If no large caps are to be included, I’d go for SPI Extra rather than SMIM. More diversification.

To my knowledge, there is no ETF tracking SPI Extra. CS has a traditional index fund for SPI Extra with ISIN CH0222624659.

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My rationale here is really nothing else than me not wanting to overweight / favor large caps which I am anyway not such a big fan of. Nothing else really. So at the same time by adding more weight to Swiss stocks I add more weight to mid cap.

That’s an excellent idea, what a shame there are not ETFs for the SPI extra…

You mean this?

If it’s the same as above the crappy broker has it…

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Interesting, I had a quick look on DEGIRO but I can’t find it. Which broker do you have?

Maybe I didn’t say I have degiro and would prefer free ETF :slight_smile:

You could stock up on that CS SPI Extra fund via your 3a, on Viac, they have it.

Thanks for the hint… This VIAC seems to be very fond of CS, which in this case is quite convenient.

Not more to add than what you stated. But the other points discussed afterwards are valid too.
Let us know what you happen to choose in the end, I’m sure it will serve other (future) members of the community.

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Thanks for your answer @_MP. In the meantime I have got myself some SMIM last week as my home bias. @the77joker what about you?

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I went for
Ratio 8:2

I think the wider spectrum and volume of SPI compared to extra or smim is worth the try.

But as said I’m a newbie.

BTW I’ve lost 100chf in 2 days :see_no_evil: