Begginers ETFs Questions

Hello all,

As I was prompted to create my first thread from MP (I was indeed searching for the incentive…); I thought I better begin with just my out-of-the head completely beginner questions:

Assumming an amateur “mustachian” investor portfolio (3-4 ETFs) with long term-strategy (15-20yrs):

  1. Does it make any difference when you exactly start investing in the economic circle (e.g. recession, grwoth etc)? Currently we are in the middle of companies struggling, short-working times, covid etc…

  2. Does it make any difference if you buy your ETFs in the opening or in the closing of the exchanges? Is there a simple / easy strategy for setting the limit in a way when you buy/order, that might help you saving even very few pennies?

  3. Assumming that one currency might lose value to another currency over time, does it make sense to split also the portfolio in ETFs with different currencies? Assumming that you have 10% returns on a USD VT after 10 yrs, but in parallel USD has lost power over CHF and then you have to withdraw and exchange your money back in CHF, will you practically lose money or my thinking is totally wrong?

  4. Assuming you have 10kCHF invested in USD, Swiss, EUR ETFs, Putting it simple how this would have to be declared in your taxes and how (very simplistic) would you be taxed for it?

Thanks a lot in advance

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  1. 3-4 ETFs seems a lot. You can do with one, max. I would say two to keep it simple.
  2. Make sure you choose liquid ETFs, and then you can nearly do market orders without much losses. Of course I always recommend to do a Limit order during Opening times of the relevant exchange. BTW, you are Talking about saving 0.1% per trade (Maybe), and you are Looking for a gain of almost 200% over 15y (assuming 7% growth per y).
  3. I would say that makes not much difference, since it is about the intrinsic Underlying value of the Companies in the ETF. Furthermore, it will be most probably compensated by the change of buying power of a certin currency in a certain country.