Beancount Meetup

i think it’s time for a beancount meetup to remove that digital barrier of this forum from our communication :smiley:
please doodle for next week:


  • running Beancount, Fava
  • docker implementation
  • configuring importers
  • best practices
  • beer :wink:

if there is less than 6 persons i can host it at my place (City of Zurich), otherwise ill find some nice cafe/ coworking place, or someone else can volunteer :slight_smile:
Online with skype/ hangouts is an alternative.
see you soon!

I would be really really interested in this… am still struggling with beancount… I’d suggest a hangouts session given the times… (and also staying at home allows you to save more… :smiley: )

i’d be in for a hangout session, also just freshly started with beancount

i struggled alot and i’d be glad to share what helped me :slight_smile: how about saturday 9am? or 10am?
google hangout seems appropriate to me, or anything that allows desktop sharing

cool, let’s do the hangouts then, 10am Zurich time would be great!

works for me! lets do it :slight_smile:

@preparations @tent

hey, saturday 10am Zurich time still good? :slight_smile:
ofc this is open to anyone else struggeling/advancing with beancount :+1:
will send my skype/ google hangout details in pm tomorrow morning

yes sure!
I’m totally in!

Thanks a lot @nugget the session was great!
I’m totally into it… will need a couple of days to get more fit and convert all my data to a bean* compatible format but it’s totally worth it.
I hope we can have further sessions and I can contribute with importers (aiming towards degiro, cumulus/cembra (from pdf?) and transferwise).

Again, thanks a ton!

I have a transferwise importer in even using the api directly, so you don’t even need to download a file

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