BCV Smart Invest vs. Interactive Brokers

Hello everyone!

I’m new to the community- thanks especially to Mr MP for starting this blog!

I live in Vaud canton, and I started investing with BCV Smart Invest back in May 2019. However now that I’m taking the investing game more seriously, I’ve decided to open an IB Pro account.

What do you reckon? Shall I close this BCV account, or keep it open while continuing to contribute the minimum required amount?


I’m quite sure IB is cheaper.
What are the fees of BCV?
Buy/sell, TER, ect

BCV funds are too expensive (i am not saying other banks are better). Don’t contribute more. I don’t know exactly how the investing plan works compared to regular BCV portfolio, but I would defintely sell everything in the long term. BCV stratégie équipondérée has 1.25% of management fees for example.

Hi @REandSTOCK and @wapiti, thanks a lot for your responses. I am also quite sure that IB is cheaper…

My profile with BCV is “BCV Stratégie Actions Monde”, and I have a “commission forfaitaire” of 1.35% and a TER of 1.63%. I think I will close this account and have them transfer everything into my new IB account. The contract states:

“…le client peut résilier le contrat en tout temps et exiger de la BCV ou par la BCV la livraison ou le transfer des valeurs en dépôt. Les délais et formes usuels doivent alors être observés par la BCV.”

just to know how much cost a buy or sell?
For sure IB would be cheaper. How much money would you like to invest?

Usually it is free to sell a BCV fund. There is only a commission to buy (± 1% depending on the ammount)