BCV Mortgage & 3Pillar Amortization options

Hi Mustachians,

My wife and I are currently buying a new home that is being built, we opted to stay with the bank that was financing the construction which is BCV, however we slowly started finding out that they do not accept a lot of options when it comes to the amortization portion via 3rd pillars or they do but then discount by min. 70% the value you are putting aside therefore needing to put a higher amount, which is not an option for us unfortunately.
They are essentially offering us a savings account with interest of 0.805% or to use their partner offer from Retraite populaire with returns of 2% on average not very attractive either.
Does any of you have suggestions or recommendation of other 3 pillar options I can lookinto. (we initially had Viac until now for which we were very happy, but had to use it for the downpayment as cash)