Banks and YNAB entry - How to?

Hi All,

I use UBS and can export transactions into a CSV file. I then convert that into OFX and upload it into YNAB. I read the article about switching banks to the lower cost ones, but how do you get all the transactions logged into YNAB in an easy and efficient manner?

There are literally 12 double sided pages of monthly transactions in the main account so I do not want to type that all in. We use the Maestro card for everything to be able to track our expenses. Cash expenses get messy and “forgotten”

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I am not as strict as you in my book keeping because I consider that all the cash I withdraw is for food and groceries. My goal with keeping a book was to track the portfolio and the bank fees which was a nice share of my budget.
If you are able to work with csv now for bridging from bank report to YNAB it could still be the solution in the future. It is even possible with some manipulation to bring pdf or html in a csv file.