Bank account for Sarl

I recently set up a Sarl to gather my investments and better segregate the origin of my revenues (and avoid pilling up additional revenues on top of my current ones). My original plan was to buy a flat through my newly created sarl and rent it -simple is not it? Not really.
Since the creation of my sarl - it has been an absolute nightmare finding a bank to open a corporate account. While I managed to open a « compte de consignation » at crédit suisse, they did not allow the opening of a company account. I am now in a process of opening one with a bank but 1) it costs a lot 2) they ask for dozen of paperwork up to my personal tax certificates from the past years.
If someone can help me or share useful tips - it would be appreciated.

Perhaps it is not worth the effort in the end ?

By the way, will the capital gains be taxed in such a scheme ?

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Last time I checked the mortgage calculation for companies are different vs. personal mortgage. iiuc they always assume it’s an investment and therefore only cover up to 66% of the price instead of the 80% that you would get. Plus the rent income would need to be high enough to cover the mortgage interest rate.

If you trade derivatives (options, leveraged positions) and have substantial revenues from your primary activity - I guess it is better to have everything within a Sàrl to avoid adding extra taxes…

Did u try using postfinance ? There are the less complicated institution to open ur company account

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