Baloise vs. Neon

Hello, just got an ad for Baloise bank. Its seems like a good option even when comparing with neon?
No currency exchange fees as I can see, and only 0.25% when using an ATM abroad, compared to neons 1.5%.
Free credit card and banking package when you’re under 30.

Am I missing something?

FYI those are always misleading and usually don’t include a 1% or more spread.

It says in the fee list “kostenlos” and "und dies ganz ohne Fremdwährungsgebühren. Ganz neu: Bei Bargeldbezügen im Ausland zahlen Sie nur noch 0.25% des bezogenen Betrages. "

I guess the questions is if they use visas exchange rate or of they have their own with a spread.

Their price overview states:

0,25 % des Betrags 2)
2) Währungsumrechnung: Devisenverkaufskurs vom Tag/Vortag der Buchung

I.e., it’s their own exchange rate. I couldn’t find it right away on their website but I would expect a >1% margin. The total might be comparable with Neon for ATM cash withdrawals but you pay that margin also for payments with the debit card where Neon will have a much better exchange rate.