Babysitter trial period

Before you officially hire a baby sitter, you may want to have few days trials or just some hours here and there.

Legally and insurance-wise, how do you go about it?

Do you need a special contract? Or you don’t need but it’s wise to have some insurance just in case something happens (especially if we are not there)

Any experience? Thank you

It depends on how old the babysitter is. Most social security requirements only kick in the year after the 17th birthday. You will want to make sure the babysitter is covered by (their parents’) personal liability insurance. This should cover damages to your property by the babysitter.

Your personal liability insurance will generally cover liability for damages caused by babysitters to third parties. Some (but not all) liability insurance policies also cover damages to your own property by your own domestic employees (if they do not have their own liability insurance, for example).

If both you and the babysitter have personal liability insurance, and the babysitter is under 17, then there really aren’t many hassles. Unless you hire a babysitter from across the border, they have to handle their own taxes, so no hassles for you in that regard either.

If they are over 17, that’s a whole other story, as social security becomes an issue.

I wrote in the contract that there was a 1 month trial period.

Income below 750 CHF per year is exempt from social security contributions, if the babysitter is below 25 years old.

See FedLex 831.101 para. 34d, Salaire de minime importance.

Thank you all.

In this case the person is likely to be over 25y and wish to try few to ensure baby & we are happy.

How would you then go about it?

note: I have persona liabity insurance, need to check if damage is only coming from us or 3rd party

Just my experience
Normally I use some kind of settling period like in the kitas
First day I step out for an hour or so and put the kids together to sleep
if all goes well next time I had a supper close by (within 5 -10 minutes) and she does all, if problem arises I will show up relatively quick. From there on only available via phone.

I tried the redcross service and may I have been lucky but my kids adore the baby sitter and it is quite affordable.

… check out the leaflet “Domestic work” (

to be on the 100% safe side:

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There are exemptions from almost all social security insurances. Some are based on the annual salary, others (like accident insurance, paid sick leave, holiday allowances, etc.) on work hours or the legth of time employed. It’s worth noting that household employees do not benefit from certain exemptions.

If you only use a babysitter once a month or so, then most of these won’t be an issue. has a site called Fairboss which guides you through the process of creating a contract, accounting for all the legalities. It’s worth taking a look at. What would be much more ideal would be a platform with a similar model to Batmaid, where the babysitter would be legally employed by the platform, so you as the customer wouldn’t have to worry about any of these things. It will probably come along soon enough.


Wouldn’t a Babysitter be considered as an independent contractor if working time is less than x amount of hours, and if there is no regularity in the service provided ?

I mean in most cases you will ask in advance if the person is free in advance. If yes, you book the service for 1-4h (or whatever) and its done, and the contractor is supposed to take care of the correct billing.

Of course it is different if the person is providing the service a fixed amount of hours per week over a long period of time.