Baby Food Mustachian options

Hi All,

Any advice where to buy cheaper baby food? Like in bulk or ordered online. Good brands at decent prices.

This is beyond options such as going to Aldi/Lidl and going to Germany/France and cook yourself. We do cook it but sometimes already prepared food is convenient


How old is the baby?

What are you looking for more like mushed food or can it already eat bigger parts (like gnocchi/ tortellini/ etc.)?

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My suggestion: Make your own using fresh ingredients. Will cost around the same amount or less, and you’ll likely save a lot on your kid’s health, compared to feeding them something out of a can. Of course it’s also a question of available time.


My parents did that. And it is easy to precook for weeks making some vegetable puree’s.
On weekend making 2-3 different kind of soups and preserving them like jams.


Make a vegetable puree from the stuff your baby likes. Steam cook (preserves vitamins) potatoes (very filling, maybe not at the beginning), carrots (they are sweet, vitamin A), courgette (they are vegetables :rofl:).

Then portion and freeze. At the very beginning, when baby eats like 3 spoons at a time, we filled a form for ice cubes and took 1-2 cubes at a time. Later you can put a more significant amount for one portion. As containers we used small glass jars from yoghurts, there are some in “fine food” product line of Coop for example.

Before eating, take few frozen cubes of puree, put into such small glass jar or take a jar with frozen puree inside. Warm up in a water bath: small casserole partially filled with water, water level should be above (but not too much) the level of puree. Stir while warming up, don’t overheat. Use a plastic spoon to feed your baby.


Mashed food. We cook often but sometimes it’s practical having those jars already prepare

It is also a bit a necessity, because you can’t keep self made frozen puree when for example traveling. But once your baby eats more than just few spoonfuls, buying a thermos for baby food to carry it with you could be an option. We were warming up self made or bought puree until it was “boiling” and then putting in the thermos. It can stay warm for few hours.

If you use them occasionally, just buy some in a supermarket when you see them. Dr. Hipp, Alnatura for example. Keep few with you, and you can always ask to warm it up in a restaurant etc.

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We loved to just make some Yogurt with (frozen) fruit, maybe a banana and some oats.
Takes 2 min to prepare and is easy to eat. Don’t buy the baby-food (Baby yogurt especially) since they are overpriced and not worth it.

Sweet potatoes are super easy and are (or where cheap at denner).

We never bought prepared food, we startd to give “solid” food at around 4/5 Months, ravioli & gnocchi worked wonders. They are easy to eat, prepare and are cheaply avalable.


I recommend baby-led weaning: just let your baby eat whatever you cook for yourselves. Mind the age recommendations for certain foods though and cut down on salt in your cooking.

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