B permit and investments

Hi everyone. I am about to open an IB account to start investing in some ETF (probably only VT for the near future).
I am a B permit holder and my annual salary is lower than 120k. So far, I did every year the “Antrag auf Neuveranlagung der Quellensteuer” to deduct my third pillar account.
I saw already some inputs around this topic on the forum, but I would like just to clarify some points:

  • Can I still invest in ETF without the need of a separate tax declaration?
  • Do I need to change somehow my annual “Antrag auf Neuveranlagung der Quellensteuer” to account for my investments or can I just ignore them?

I also read somewhere that I might be entitled to file a tax declaration if my wealth overcomes a specific threshold (I think 200k in Zürich). However, this would not be my case anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance!

I think from next year (or soon) a full tax return form filling will be compulsory for even just the 3rd pillar deduction anyway.


I don’t think there’s any situation where you’re allowed to ignore wealth (> the threshold you mentioned) or income.

So does it makes sense from this year to deduct and invest via 3a if I have moved to Zürich city? I am as well B permit holder and I won’t make more than 120k even with a bonus etc.

I cannot answer that for you.

I do it as part of diversification (in asset location), but there are threads with sheets doing the calculation on what “pays off”.
It probably comes out “about the same” in terms of outcome vs. investing in ETFs outside of 3rd pillar; but your money is locked in. So it’s a personal choice.

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