AXA 3rd pillar policy, No premium paid, cancel option?

Dear Mustachians,

I have already read two existing discussions but my situation is Little better i guess :slight_smile: i fall into same trap and now i wish i would have found this Forum before.

i signed such a policy and now i have first premimum pay slip in front of me.

I am wondering is there a way to get out of this sh#@ before it is too late?

suggestions are highly appriciated.

Thank You.


If this is the first premium, then just dont pay. They will cancel the policy and you will have escaped.


Bad advice. Make sure to cancel explicitly. Not paying the bills generally is not cancellation and insurance can still enforce payment for the insurance coverage provided (~ XXX Fr/y for basic life/disability cover)


Thank you both for your time. I will reach the broker to see what he has to say. if that does not work then i will reach AXA directly to see if they are better than broker. I wish i would have found this forum before.