Aspirebudget for budgeting : a Google sheet tool

Hi everyone,

Is anyone using for budgeting ?

Seems to be free ? Any thoughts on this tool ?

Looks very cool (and very similar as YNAB somehow).

Sad they run it on top of Google sheets as I don’t want to use Google stuff. I would have preferred an independent option or something that is Excel based.

I’ve used YNAB 1 year for free and I really liked it but I don’t feel comfortable paying for it. One-time payment would be okay but I hate subscriptions.

Yep I agree with subscriptions.

I will test this one and
They have an import function and a lifetime purchase for 27$.

Tried it once, but the free version does not give much… Basically you will need to subscribe to the full version one day or another.

27$ for lifetime licence is not that much. I did not take YNAB because of monthly sub.

Then they changed their policy. At the time it was still a 50 buck subscription per year.

Furthermore :

  • not all banks and especially credit cards are accepted for automatic transfer of data
  • as far as I remember, no multicurrency possible, but that may have changed as well.

I tried the aspirebudget as well, I was not convinced either. Again no multicurrency if I remember right.

I guess it also depends on how much level of details you want to have, personnaly, everything which is going over : Housing/healthcare/travel/groceries/fun is too much work in the long term.

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