Article about investing before retirement

Happy reading (apart for Hedgehog)
(disclaimer: it’s saturday. I didn’t read it yet :slight_smile: )

Then what’s the point of posting this? If you didn’t bother reading this random article off the internets why should anyone else? Ain’t nobody got time for that

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I have to agree. The point of posting links is reading something and realizing that this piece expanded your knowledge in a significant way. Not just linking a random blog post, because… yeah, because way?

ok ok ok.
I thought the title was a hint enough to entice people to read it.
I did read part of it when I post it, so I could have not wrote exactly a review.
The part I’ve read talk about the stock/bond allocation and how the author believes that it should lean to more bond just before FIRE and then lean to more stocks during retirements. I think it tests various path to reach slowly 100% stocks during retirements.