ARK Invest - ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK)

For tesla I found that but not know source so search by yourself if interested by this company :slight_smile:

For California registrations, which differ from vehicle deliveries, Tesla’s Model 3 registrations plunged by 63.6 percent to 5,951 vehicles in the second quarter, Cross-Sell data seen by Reuters showed.

Tesla’s registrations in the 23 U.S. states where Cross-Sell collected data showed a 49-percent slump to 18,702 vehicles.

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That‘s somewhat expected. Tesla produces on batches for the European market and then batches for the US market. They have to switch production from time to time. So if there are no US Models produced then there will be no US registrations. Also people buy the Model Y in the US nowadays.

So @Bojack did you buy some arkk?

Nope, I always take a long time before I make a decision. Shopping with me is a nightmare :sweat_smile:


Interesting to see that ARKK invests in CH companies. Do you know which one? I went through the holdings and didn’t recognize any (and was to lazy to search them all :yum:):

That’s probably all CRISPR Therapeutics, listed on Nasdaq but “home” is an office/letterbox at Aeschenvorstadt 36, 4051 Basel.

Had ARK on my radar, like the concept to spot the next potential technological disruption and put those into a ETF basket. Square sounds great, but the real potential is probably that Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter) is also the CEO of Square. To invest 5-10% in such ETF and diverse your portfolio would make sense in my opinion.

So do I. So does the market (P/E > 100).

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