Are Zak and Neon app only or do they have web logins?

I’d like to shift from CS to something like Zak or Neon.

However, looking at the websites for both of them, I don’t see any web portal login links. So can you only interact with them via their smartphone apps?

When printing out my end-of-year statements for my tax return or when entering those long codes that you get with orange payment slips, I’d rather use my laptop and a web interface.

I know that physical orange payment slips and filing my tax return on paper are remnants of a time that will soon be gone (and is already gone for tax if you want to switch to virtual filing). But for the moment, they’re still part of my life.

And, every so often, I want to get an overview of what’s been going on in my account and copy or export data for some other purpose - without a web interface, this sounds like it would be hard to do.

Do the questions I’ve just asked mean Zak and Neon aren’t for me? Or do they have web interfaces that they just don’t flag up on their main websites?

Maybe I should just move from my expensive legacy CS account to CSX.

That’s right, only mobile applications.

orange payment slips can be scanned with the phone, so you don’t have to enter them manually. It’s actually much faster on the phone than on the computer.

As for reports and data, you can export them from your phone into something like Google Drive and then you will have access to them on your computer.

But, yes, if you want a web-app, neither of these are for you.


Can confirm. Especially with the new QR bills, you just take a photo and it’s done.
The only annoying thing is if you have to manually send things to some IBAN that you e.g. get by email.


Neon provides CSV export and PDF statements that you can just email, AirDrop, save them on or print them directly from your phone. Logging in to a web interface would probably take me a similar amount of time as sending the statement to my computer.

I haven‘t used browser-based online interfaces as my primary banking channel for years - and haven‘t looked back. Not even when doing my tax return. With the exception of one or two outdated banks that didn‘t offer proper apps. And online brokerages, where the bigger display on my computer comes handy.

Scanning in payment slips is of course much more efficient on a phone. And the Neon app even provides an IBAN scanner mode (for non payment-slip/QR invoices).

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Is CSX the only neobank to provide a web portal in Switzerland?

Neon, Zak and Yauhh seem to be app-only, and maybe maybe a bit annoying the day you lose your phone.

Speaking of that, I wonder if those app-only banks will work with windows 11 and its native Android app support, time will tell.

If today’s situation on Apple Silicon Macs is any indication, I doubt it.

New Macs now use the same CPU architecture as iPhones and iPads - and Apple has their macOS run iPad & iPhone apps on Macs.

Since Macs can run them even without any Mac-specific (non-touchscreen) adjustments, you are able to download such Apps from the Mac App Store onto a Mac by default.

…unless the developer has actively and explicitly opted out from from making its iOS/iPadOS app available on the Mac App Store.

Many banks seem to have done so for their banking apps:

  • UBS
  • Credit Suisse
  • Bank Cler
  • Neon
  • Swisscard
  • Migros Bank
  • Yuh (Swissquote - though their trading app is available on Macs)

Postfinance and cantonal banks are notable exceptions.

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