Are accrued interests being paid when changing banks?

Hello everyone,

Maybe it is a stupid question but I have never experienced changing banks so far. So here is my situation: As of now I have a bank account with credit suisse and it has some accrued interests which are usually paid at the end of the year. However, I believe it is in my financial interest to close this account and go with Neon, Zak or Raffeisen.
The question is thus the following: when asking for closing the bank account, is credit suisse going to redeem these accrued interests? Or should I wait for January 2023 until it is paid?

Thank you for your help!

Yes, no need to wait.


Thank you for your quick reply! I appreciate it.

What is your interest rate?

If you ask CS to close your account, they might give you CHF 3 of accrued interests but charge you CHF 50 for closing fees (for example)

I remember that when I closed my UBS account. I transferred money away and then asked the bank to close the account. They were not able to take any closing fee on an empty account.


I did it the same way for my cantonal bank account and they called me to scold me lol. I couldn’t do such things etc… “what if there was a fee?” I never seen such an unfriendly customer service in my whole life. One more reason to switch to an online bank.

Well I still benefit from “viva student” plan which is 0.5% (for a saving account under a specific amount).

I am trying to find back the contract to see if I signed up for any closing fees, but anyhow, if it was written in your contract is that even legal not to pay them?