Architects: costs for filing a building permit

So we have a small hut that we wanna extend slightly.
Designed all the plans in AutoCAD and would like someone to file this for us to the Gemeinde.
People tell me I need an architect and he’d take a high percentage of the estimated building cost.
Are there no architect that do this according to the time they need for filing and/or correcting?
What cost can be expected?

I would do it myself or ask the construction company you are working with to do it

You don’t need an architect, you could even submit the application with a sketch. As long as it’s clear what you want to build, it should be ok. The clearer the better.
Do you live in the construction zone?

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thx, I don’t live in the construction zone… probably an hour away.
Is there a swiss-wide standard as to what detail of the construction plans are needed (format etc)?
I can even do the 3D visualization myself of my plans…
I simply don’t understand how an architect would be able to charge like 10’000 CHF for what probably is max 10h of work…am I the one that’s insane?

Legislation varries from canton to canton and specifics are Gemeinde dependent. I don’t have knowledge of a situation where an architect is mandatory but at least several cantons require that the situational plan be signed by a geometer.

The required forms should be available at your Gemeinde administration, if they do not provide them on their website. They shouldn’t be too complicated to file for someone with AutoCAD knowledge (and so I presume at least adjacent knowledge of the procedures involved). The mandatory documents and what has to be on the plans (color codes usually need to be followed) should be stated plainly in your Gemeinde’s construction regulations, which should be available on their website.

Some additional procedures (announcing the start of works and their end at the minimal) will need to be performed throughout the works. An architect can help with that but there again, for a small construction project, it should be manageable to do it by oneself.

I’m also with newhere that a good contractor should be able to do it for you. If the Building Commission or the City Council are known for being particularly difficult or lacking of basic skills/common sense, a local architect can add value by having experience dealing with them and managing their requests/expectations so that the building permit can be delivered on a more timely basis and with less back and forth.

10k looks overinflated for a small project where the plans (and so also the concept) are provided by the applicant (edit 2: unless the project is on non-buildable land, in which case special justifications are required).

No swiss-wide standard, those are Gemeinde dependent but a full list should be in your Gemeinde’s Construction Regulations, which should be on their website or available through a request to the administration. Taking a look at the cantonal Building Code might be useful too.


Sorry, probably building zone would be the right word (zone where it is allowed to build buildings, Bauzone).
In this case, you can ask at the communal level. If you want to build outside of the building zones, usually the canton has a say.
What I mean: Call them, show them what you have and ask if it is enough. They will ask for more, if necessary.
Edit: Save the money for the lawyer that you’ll need, if you have envious neighbours. Or to pay them off. :smile:


The plan could be done by hand, never heard about 3D obligation.

I think the percentage fee of the Bausumme is mostly used if the Architekt does the whole planning and manages the construction.

But as said, therr might be people with cheaper hourly rates who are able to get this job 100% done