Architect construction permit (Permis de construire)


I need a construction permit to do some renovations at home? Do you know an architect not too expensive? (Ideally speaking English also)


Maybe you indicate where?

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Given the question mark after your first sentence and in case that was part of the question, you need a construction permit if you increase the volume, alter the outside appearance of the building or modify the heating system. Other modifications may not warrant it though an architect may be a good idea anyway.

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Thank you for your answrrs. Yes, I need it because I want to add some additional windows to the last floor (to the attic). I understood from the construction company I need a permit and ideally prepared by an architect (in Vaud)

I am running an architecture studio where we focus exactly on this

You can also find a entry in our blog detailing the factors influencing the cost with an example:

It is in french, hope you can follow it.