App/Webpage with the current petrol/diesel prices

Are you aware of any app/webpage with the current and reliable petrol/diesel prices near our location in Switzerland? I mean something that is not based on a community of users (like Waze), which are often inaccurate.

When I had a subscription for Mazda connected services, the prices at nearby petrol stations in Switzerland were correct, thus I assume there is some database (most likely no free) updated directly by petrol stations. It was especially convenient at long travels across different countries to optimize the petrol cost along the way.

I am aware of Fuel Flash, but its database doesn’t include Switzerland.

Of course the most convenient would be to have it integrated with google maps/Android auto.

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Damn, there’s no iOS version.

I know this wont answer the question, but I’ve just filled up my cheapest tank ever in Switzerland.

Prices at my local Coop station:
Pb95 1.00
Pb98 1.05
Diesel 1.1

I know an ever cheaper station nearby, but wasn’t around today. I’d guess they must be <1.0 CHF/l for Pb95

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Wow, which canton are you?
In Vaud, Diesel is 1.5 CHF.

I’m in canton Bern.

The consistently cheapest station I know is this one:

Would not be surprised if even diesel is <1.00 at this place.

That’s cheap. In Zurich the cheapest petrol 95 I know of is 1.33. Still, it was around 1.6 not long ago so I can’t complain.

BTW the link above is broken

Haven’t seen lower than 1.39 in Basel these days.
Might pass by Bern this weekend on the way to the mountains. (with an oil tank trailer) :grin:

This website makes it easy to find current petrol prices at many gas stations.

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Not really current in many cases - results from 2017, 2015, 2010; and only a handful of 2020. :slight_smile:
Worth a try though if you feel lucky. :smiley:

Do they have any oil fields in Bern or you have some good relations with Saudi Arabia’s king?

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Took me 5 sec in google (Ok now I see @Daniel already posted that link)

That’s… cheap

Samnaun, that’s a Swiss exclave with special taxes & those prices are probably (mostly) tax-free.

Samnaun is not an exclave. There is even a road within Switzerland.

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In the 19th century, Samnaun could only be reached by road from Spiss in Austria. Thus Samnaun was excluded from the Swiss customs territory. It retains a privileged ‘duty-free’ status, albeit not without controversy, in the twenty-first century. The exception was maintained even after a road was built in 1905 linking Samnaun to Martina, at the most eastern point of the Lower Engadine.[5]


Ok ok :wink: you are right, it’s an ex-exclave which managed to keep tax advantages of an exclave. Best of both worlds.

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Not even that. It was a “pene-exclave”.

A pene-exclave is a part of the territory of one country that can be conveniently approached—in particular, by wheeled traffic—only through the territory of another country.

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It’s probably diluted with rainwater.

Jokes aside, that’s really cheap. Basel is 1.39, Ticino is around 1.30, a friend in Aargau reports 1.28.

That’s almost as cheap as back in 2003 when I filled up my first own car for the very first time. Back then it was 1.26. :smirk:

there’s a couple of very cheap ones in/around Biel ;)… and lucky i have to be in Bern in a few days :smiley:

In Basel there is the Eco Stop with Diesel at 1.35chf/liter (Spalenring 6 i believe)


The iPhone app Waze has such a feature. But I’ve found it to be unreliable: missing data, incorrect data in some cases.

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