Apartment construction

Hi all,

We are about to get the keys from newly constructed apartment (PPE in canton Vaud) and there are few questions in my mind related to the final step

  • What to be aware and anything special to watch out during the checkup?
  • What kind of documentation should we expect? I mean technical things, for example, about floor heating?
  • What kind of insurances is better to take in case of living in your own apartment (I know that fire insurance is mandatory in Vaud but what else?)


I suggest you hire a professional snagger.

thanks a lot for the advice, I didn’t know it even a thing

any references or experience? so far from what I googled I saw mostly companies from the UK and real estate agencies advertisements in switzerland where they propose it as part of the buyer package

if you find out then I will be interested as I buying an apartment off plan that will be delivered next year. Also, in VD.

This is all very local so you need to check who’s in your area.

Yeh I’m in a similar situation and I am about to hire a construction consultant for about 150 CHF per hour to come on site and do some checking in the final stages. I started by contacting architects close to the build and filtered out the ones that have conflicts of interest.

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