Anyone tried to build their own electric standing desk?

I’d like one at home but don’t want to pay 700.- at Ikea because Ikea is usually low quality. I also HATE dealing with Ikea.

Has anyone tried to buy the “base” on their own (from where?) and stick their own desktop on it? Do you have any tips, stores (online with delivery, preferably), or recommendations?

I also asked my employer but they already got rid of everything last year…

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Why don’t you buy the manual one? It’s pretty cheap, it works great, just some wobbling. This is what I did after looking for an electric one for a long-time.


Are you happy with it?

Yes, very happy. It is very fast to go up and down. For the price, I feel it has much better value than the electric ones. Once it is standign position, it has some wobbles if you rest your weight on it. But nothing too much, nothing ever fell out.

Depending on where you live, you might find something like the Macherschaft in Basel, linked below. There are also instructors who can help you.

I’m not sure if making the desk yourself is really cheaper than buying it. Better add the fun you will have to the equation.

Which exact product are you referring to?

I am talking about the ikea skarsta

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To me their things usually seem rather high quality for the price.
E.g. I bought the “Markus” chair, and the cushion is still like new. (In hindsight I should have gotten the leather one, because the textile one is hard to clean if you spill something on it.)

Autonomous also makes interesting desks for 300 EUR… Except for Switzerland. For us, it’s 650$ and it ships from the US (!!) instead of the Netherlands like for any other country (incl. Lichtenstein) in Europe.

I wonder if you could just order it to Liechtestein, but with a Swiss city, since the postal system is the same.

Ordering to Liechtenstein with Switzerland as country does work. (I do that when ordering things from overseas that I don’t want to send to Florida and/or Finland first. :sweat_smile: )

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Interesting, I’ll try. Why Florida or Finland, are the postal codes similar?

Because sometimes Fürstentum Liechtenstein gets shortened to FL.
Sometimes it also goes to the German Lichtenstein without e first. :smiley:

Haha good to know. So you enter your address, put your postal code, select FL, USA, and… How do they know to deliver it to you in Lichtenstein? Wouldn’t that cause the seller to stamp the shipment for FL, USA rather than international delivery? Or get the automatic sorting systems to read Florida, USA rather than the city and country you added as second and third lines of your address?

I guess it gets read and sorted wrongly. But to be fair that has only happened with letters yet.

I bought an Actiforce extensible frame with engine on back in 2014 (~700.-) and added my own desk top (from Coop, ~20.-). It works well and I like the fact that I can easily make my desk wider if I need to, but if it was today I probably would go with IKEA (their model didn’t exist at the time).