Anyone tried the Kala app?

Just found it on MP’s blog: an app that goes and searches for lost/forgotten vested benefits.

Just finished reading up a bit on what the app does.

One could just submit a request to this Zenstralstelle on his/her own. I’m not sure I understand the need for an app, especially if I need to give it such sensitive information about myself.


I tried their solution in december 2020 in order to know of I’ve always transferred correctly my pension to my new employers (4 differents in 2 years) and if what I have now in VIAC is my total or not.

I’ve never been notified by the app, however the central informed me that I maybe had something to one of my previous employer and that I should contact them; what I’ve done. They said that they transferred all to my last employer. So everything is now ok for me.

I think that this app is really fine and easy to use.

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No need to use an app and in the process have your sensitive personal information stored by third (and fourth) parties.

unless you indeed want to do this regularly for business purposes, as a routine process with your (prospective) clients’ data. What are these business purposes going to be? Largely investment advice and selling lucrative investment funds and/or insurance policies, I guess.

Side note: pension funds aren’t reporting the guarantee fund in real-time, so the data will be lagging behind.


I asked for my report at the beginning of January this year and they didn’t reach out to me. No news nothing. I send them an email recently, and they didn’t reply either.
Still waiting…

How would they be able to reply in any meaningful way?

They‘re literally just forwarding your request to the 2nd pillar central office.
To which they aren’t going to receive a reply any earlier than you.

Oh ok, so you think no reply means I don’t have funds somewhere?

That’s in no way what he said. You should just be patient.


I think your case hast just not received a reply yet from the Guarantee Fund in Berne.

Anyone else waiting longer than up to three weeks for their reply?

Yes me since 27.04.21

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Could you explain a bit more why you need to notify your new employers of your pension? Also, what do you mean by pension exactly?

Recent expat here :slight_smile:

Edit: I found answers here : Kala review — or how to find back your vested assets in 3 minutes! - Mustachian Post

I find this unbelievable honestly :sweat_smile: so you change employer and you don´t know about this and your pension money is on a limbo forever. Insane.

Received an email today stating “55 days since your request, may take some more weeks” - at least they keep track of time elapsed :slight_smile:

Received the same e-mail, but also a direct letter from the authorities with the result a few days ago

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Thanks to the article from the website, I used Kala and made a request mid may. I received a letter today from the Bern central.
It was long, but it worked.

I’ve just done my request on the Kala app, as I believe I have money floating around!!
But I was wondering about the advice from MP to then transfer the money to VIAC instead of getting it back to your current LPP fund: won’t this diminish your coverage in terms of risks (annual spouse’s pension, annual orphan’s pension, disability pension)? Does someone know something about this? Thanks for the help!

It depends on your employer’s LPP fund, ask HR or check the reglementation. In some plans the insurance is based on your salary. In others it based on the amount you have in the fund.

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