Anybody knows getquin

They say they do portfolio analysis with AI?

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Don’t know this software, but my favorite portfolio tracker software ([Portfolio Performance( launched a mobile version recently, which covers my needs.

I don’t see how AI would help for your portfolio currently.


I also use Portfolio Performance.

And I also don’t see what AI would tell me about my portfolio.

But maybe someone could enlighten me. :slight_smile:

Smells like using the current fad as a marketting tool. If drunk monkeys were all the hype instead of AI, they’d be selling portfolio analysis with drunken monkeys.

I’d stay clear of them.

Edit: also, social trading is bullshit. Most people don’t beat the market consistently, why would you want to see and compare your porftoflio with thousands of other average joes’ ones?


Should I move this discussion to


Although I agree, it is rather bullshit (= useless), and not an outright scam, but so are many real estate investment and other offers that we have seen. Again, on the other hand, here you only pay a fee, not invest.

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And this is where I am going to draw the line. Of course there are tons of useless stuff, but as long as one is not asked to invest, the considerations are different.

Unless, of course, there was a platform that let you copy-trade politicians:


getquin is a fancy and visually very appealing portfolio tracker with the integration of social network.

I tried it including the free trial, but decided against it:

  • too expensive (even the regularly special offers)
  • too much social network stuff I don’t want
  • AI analysis wasn’t a big eye opener

I also realized that checking your portfolio several times a day doesn’t help anyone :wink:


I am using the free version of getquin, does not include any AI stuff which I do not need anyway. I am quite happy with it, nice portfolio tracker with intraday price updates. I am also using portfolio performance and I am very happy with it also, but the intraday updates seem less frequent and require manual user refresh.


Why do you need intraday refresh in your portfolio tracking app?

Well you don’t need it, it’s a toy. If you buy and hold a single ETF like VT, you can even argue that you do not need a portfolio tracking tool in the first instance :wink:


I’d argue that checking your portfolio too often, especially intraday, often leads to suboptimal performance due to excessive trading.

I don’t have a buy and hold portfolio, but even if I hady there would still be pillar 2, pillar 3, cash, maybe some property as well. Always good to have an overview of your asset allocation to adjust when needed.

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Actually there is: (never used myself but I’m tented)

For those who’d rather use (high TER) ETFs: NANC and KRUZ: NANC and KRUZ ETFs