Anybody here tried Koinly?

Hello Mustachians,

As the title says… anybody? I did not find a thread or anything about it. It is recommended by several youtubers and I see it is also valid in Switzerland.

Any feedback given would be much appreciated.


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I’ve heard from someone I halfway trust (no Youtuber - doesn’t live in CH) that it’s really good. No personal experience though.

The question is: do you need it in Switzerland? Capital gains are not taxed here, so you “only” have to declare your crypto coins in your tax declaration with the value on 31.12.2021.

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I sign up today to check what they offer.

When I upload an excel sheet from my transactions made with SwissBorg, they filled up all the transaction in a nice well looking UX form, however, as I’m yielding some asset, they consider that I made more than 3’000 transactions, so I need to pay 179$ to have a basic tax report… So personaly, it’s not woth the price for Switzerland as you just need to declare your total wealth in crypto.

If you are yielding assets, you have to declare those as income. It doesn’t count as capital gain.

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Yes I know, since I earned the equivalent of 20 CHF, it will be ok :ok_hand:t2:


look a Mr. Fancy pants @Yanikuza over here actually making money in crypto.

Thanks for the reply!

Let me ask another point:

Using the ZHprivateTax website, when you declare any “Kryptowährung” there are only the following options:

  • BCH
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • XRP

What about all the other cryptos/tokens such as LINK, DOT, MATIC, SOL, ENJ, etc…?

How do they have to be declared? Under “übrige” and then just add the value per EOY?

Thanks again for your help!

As I’m using VaudTax, I don’t need to declare what cryptocurrency/token I have, just the total assets :slight_smile:

That’s weird…

Maybe I’m doing the wrong question.

You declare total assets in CHF and that’s it?

I’ve talked to the tax authorities (Glarus) and they told me I should create a bank account in the tax software and just put the value in CHF at the end of the year for all cryptos into this single account.


Yes, there is a special section in VaudTax for that :wink:

Ok guys, I’ve clarified with tax auths.

Apparently, you can get yourself an EXCEL file, fill in all your coins, set the value per 31/12/21 and there you go. Create a bank/entity stating Crypto as @Burningstone said und fertig.
For staking/mining, you have to do something of the like too but in " Weitere Einkünfte".

Thanks again for all your help!